The Challenge 

Minnesota Valley Transit Authority (MVTA) is a public transportation agency serving seven suburbs, featuring park & rides, express buses, and other ride services. In their journey towards being more sustainable on the road, they added a new bus that was completely different than the rest of their fleet: an electric-powered bus. 

The Karsan e-Jest bus was built in Turkey and was added as part of an on-demand ride service to help reach their sustainability goals. The bus was to go on a trial run in Minnesota before traveling to other parts of the country to see if it could replace gas-powered minibuses. Since it was the first of its kind in the U.S., no one had wrapped this kind of vehicle before—but Visual Impact was up to the challenge.

The Solution

Typically, MVTA creates their own graphics for their vehicles, but this time they asked Visual Impact to create the design. They supplied a couple ideas of what they wanted the wrap to look like and and our design team created the layout using their standard branding. In the process, we provided project management, design, and digital printing on adhesive-backed vinyl. While we waited for the bus to arrive on a transport trailer, we laid the design out ahead of time for a quicker than usual turnaround time. 

The Result

Our relationship with MVTA spans 10+ years, and this was another win. Visual Impact has created many wraps for them, including promotional wraps and bus shelter wraps. MVTA loved the results for this special project that is helping shape the future of public transportation, and our relationship with them remains strong. 

Watch the timelapse below to see us applying graphics to the new bus.