At Visual Impact, we pride ourselves on our client-focused project management process, which is designed to ensure your vision is executed with accuracy, timeliness and exemplary customer service.

We’re committed to understanding your needs, anticipating challenges with proactive solutions, and providing creative, print, and fabrication support at every turn.

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Initial Discovery

First, we’ll meet with you one-on-one to discuss your project, so we can thoroughly understand your objectives and timeline.

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Then, we’ll compile your requirements and create an initial budget. If samples or prototypes are necessary at this stage in the project, we’ll provide them.

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Next, we’ll touch base with you regarding the process thus far, so you can make any revisions you’d like to make before receiving your final deliverable. Once we’ve made any requested changes, we’ll establish your final deliverable, timeline and budget.

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Now you get to relax, and our production team gets to work! Prepress will ensure the highest quality of your final print image, and you’ll receive your client proofs.

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After proofs are approved, the action begins: We’ll move on to printing, cutting and finishing. Your order is now ready for any final fabrication or assembly steps necessary before kitting, packing and shipping occurs. Get excited—your order is now on its way!

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After your order is delivered, we’ll connect with you for a post-delivery follow-up, to confirm that the project met your expectations in all aspects. If you have any questions or concerns, we’re happy to address them!

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Ensuring Your Project’s Success

Each step of the Visual Impact process is finely-tuned to ensure your project’s success and your satisfaction, from your first discussion with your client representative to your post-delivery follow-up. We’re dedicated to providing comprehensive visual communication solutions.